Rotterdam Facts & Fun

Rotterdam is one of the most interesting cities of the Netherlands, with its great architecture and immense harbour. We have collected some fun facts for you that will make your visit to the city even nicer! If you want to see what else is worth visiting, just check the information site of Rotterdam.


Burning Flames

Rotterdam has it’s own “red light district”. This red burning flames that can be found all through Rotterdam in the ground represent the fire line of the bombings. Everything within the fire line was bombed and everything outside of the fire line survived. In total there are 400 lights all through the city forming a 12km long line.



The city is full of rivers and canals, and the water-taxi is a great way to explore the city. Just hop on and off (there are a couple of public transport stops) or order one to pick you up and drop you off wherever you want!

Best Bar of the world…

Rotterdam has the best bar in the world (-fact!) and the best apple pie the country. In 2009 prestigious travel guide Lonely Planet named the bar De Witte Aap at the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam the best bar in the world. If you come in on a Thursday or Saturday you are assured to be part of a big crowd inside of this bar.



Rotterdam has special Mayors: Current mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb was the first mayor in the Netherlands of Moroccan descent (there is a large Moroccan community in the Netherlands). Next to this, Rotterdam also has a Night-Mayor, who tries to keep the nightlife interesting and vibrant, and a Youth-Mayor, advising the city on what young people want in the city.




Rotterdam has a great skyline at the waterfront of river Maas. When crossing the Erasmus bridge, Willems bridge or any other bridge over the Maas in Rotterdam, you will see what we mean.

Food Hall Katendrecht

This small-scale food hub is located in the Fenixloods, a former warehouse, at the Katendrecht peninsula. It used to be one of the biggest warehouses of Europe at the time people emigrated to America with the holland america-line. Here you can enjoy artisanal food and products.

Historical Rotterdam

If you go to Delfshaven, Rotterdam’s historical harbour, you still get the Old Dutch vibe that is around in all other cities in the Netherlands.

Facts about Rotterdam

  • With approximately 630,000 inhabitants, Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands.
  • The city originated in 1270 and has city rights since 1340.
  • It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world… hosting inhabitants of over 160 different nationalities.
  • If you take into account size and tonnage, the port of Rotterdam is second-to- largest in the World, after Shanghai.
  • Rotterdam has interesting architecture, and also interesting architects. It has cube-shaped houses, the famous markethall, central station and a lot more.