Getting there

Rotterdam is located in the West part of in The Netherlands and has a good connection to the Dutch railway network and to the highways to other cities in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Rotterdam also has its own airport, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and a fast train connection with the national airport Schiphol/Amsterdam.


Special Taxi-service by MAMA-TAXI
During our event we will have a special taxi- service by Mama taxi. Mama Taxi is a social enterprise led by women with a female centred focus based on sustainable empowerment of women through education and job creation. In Rotterdam but also worldwide. This goal fits completely where we all stand for, and on top of it they drive environmental friendly, 100% electric with cars such as Tesla.
We are very glad they wanted to drive us to and trough Rotterdam, using special Lady-prices! For more information or to book: special-lady-price-taxi by mama taxi 




If you are coming to the Netherlands by plane, you have several airports to choose from that are in or near Rotterdam. Click on each of the names below for more information:
Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)
Rotterdam The Hague Airport (Rotterdam)
Eindhoven Airport (Eindhoven)
Brussels Airport / Zaventem (Brussels, Belgium)
The most convenient way for your transfer from these airports to the conference hotel is public transportation or by taxi: special-lady-price-taxi by mamataxi

As most of you will arrive at Schiphol, we will provide an information desk at the arrival hall during the main arrival times.


Thalys is the high-speed train that travels daily between the Netherlands, Belgium and France at speeds of up to 300 kilometres an hour. The train stops in the Netherlands at Rotterdam Central Station. The travel time with Thalys from Rotterdam Central Station to Paris is just 2 hours and 37 minutes. Click here for more information on Thalys.

Coming by train from other countries is also very convenient. Click here to plan your trip.

You will arrive at the central station of Rotterdam. Click here for the route from the central station to the conference hotel,  or take a taxi: special-lady-price-taxi by mamataxi


Click here for the route by car.

If you come to Rotterdam by car, you have the option to park your car near the hotel in the city centre. The entire centre of Rotterdam has paid parking.

Close to the hotel, you can park your car in one of the two spacious underground car parks, both opposite the hotel.
• Parking garage Erasmusbrug – Erasmusbrug (GPS: Zalmstraat)
• Parking De Boompjes (GPS: Terwenakker)
Park at the far end near the stairs. Upstairs you will see the hotel. Guests staying at Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre pay € 19,00 per 24 hours. Exit cards are available at the reception of the hotel.

Click here for more information on parking in Rotterdam.